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Fourth Wall Theatre Network Limited

Nominee details

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Introducing Fourth Wall Theatre Network Limited

Fourth Wall is a social enterprise which supports individuals, groups and schools in setting up their own socially driven theatre companies, or arts-based enterprises.
Fourth Wall manages the process and provides support, training and resources allowing each company to create top theatre and clear social impact.
It was started by Daniel (Dan) Bridgewater. Dan is a student at the University of Birmingham completing his final year of a Bsc Business Management with Communications.
Dan is heavily involved in the community around Birmingham not only supporting youth development but the Arts and how they impact youth people across the city. He is the Co-Founder and Lead Trainer of the leadership programme ‘The Art of Leadership’, which was commissioned by the Birmingham Leadership Foundation working with creative individuals aged 18-25. This is further evidenced in the many groups and committees he is involved with from his recent appointment as ‘Young Trustee’ at Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre, his position as a Leadership Team Member for Birmingham Aspire, to his Trustee role on the Advisory Board of the Uprising Programme.

Why should Fourth Wall Theatre Network Limited be recognised for a "Lived it" Award?

One of Dan’s goals in setting-up his enterprise was to provide employment opportunities for young people. He has achieved this with 5 part-time members of staff employed and 20 volunteers supported through the project to date. I have no doubt that these figures will increase over the coming months as Dan expands his project further.
The impact already created in the communities it has touched is evidenced in the section below.

He is an inspiring role model for young people and adults everywhere showing that it is possible to start your own successful enterprise which tackles local issues in a thoughtful and sustainable way. Dan is modest about his achievements but I believe the recognition of this Award will help to prove to him that the path he has chosen is having a positive impact far wider than he had initially hoped or planned for and all through the creation of the Fourth Wall.

Some evidence in support of this nomination

•Fourth Wall – Details
Number of beneficiaries over the past two years
Jobs created – 5
Volunteers – 20
Young people that have joined one of our theatre companies (i.e. sustained interactions) – Approx 100
Number of young people we’ve ran workshops for (i.e. one-off workshops) – Approx 530

Richard Burden MP, Northfield Constituency, Birmingham
 “Fourth Wall has brought young people from my constituency together to use performance arts to talk about the things that matter to them. The hopes and fears they expressed on the night of the performance were certainly challenging, but all the more powerful for that. Daniel Bridgewater and his team deserve great credit for bringing it all together and running a fantastic organisation. It was today's young generation inspiring an even younger generation to gain confidence & speak out”

Terence Wallen, Regional Delivery Partner West Midlands, Somewhere To
 “Our aim is to support young people fulfil their passions and find them the spaces to do it, Fourth Wall has embraced so much of those passions it only made sense to be part of supporting their dreams! Fourth Wall is more than just theatre...its inspiration to the Arts!!”

Sergeant Karl Pierpoint, Neighbourhood Policing Manager for Longbridge Ward, West Midlands Police
 “We have worked with Fourth Wall recently around engaging young people in social issues, to tackle their choices and influences that affect them. They created a current, hard hitting scene around knife crime which we commissioned and they performed to high school children from our two high schools. The feedback we had was incredible and Fourth Wall ensured we not only got this serious message home but that it was interactive and innovative capturing hearts and minds. I look forward to working together again”
Emma Haydn-Jones, (Zac Haydn-Jones’ Mother – Zac is a member of the Lonbridge Theatre Company)
 “Fourth Wall is fantastic, my son has been going to the Longbridge base for 5 months he has come on incredibly in all areas but the most noticeable is his confidence, it has made a difference to him not only with his drama but in everyday life, it is so lovely to see! To watch him mature and grow is fantastic and the best part of all he loves it!! Look forward to the production at the end of July”
• List of awards
o Midlands Business Awards – ‘The Midlands Young Entrepeneur of the Year 2014’ - Finalist
o Birmingham Young Professional of the Year ‘Aspiring Talent Award’ 2012 – Finalist
o Birmingham Inspire Awards – Enterprise Category 2014 - Finalist
o The Hot 500 Awards – ‘Social Enterprise of the Year’ 2013 – Finalist (awards cancelled)
o Social Enterprise West Midlands - ‘Profit Award’ 2012 – Finalist
o Striding Out - ‘Future 100 Award’ 2012 – Winner