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Showoff Dance

Nominee details

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Introducing Liam

Liam Abram is the founder choreographer and teacher at Showoff Dance. His is 25 years old and is the most amazing talented dancer but prefers to teach others to dance. He genuinely wants people to dance to enjoy themselves and his classes are so much fun. He teaches from all ages from toddlers right up to adults. Besides running his very successful business he also willingly helps other purely out of kindness and devoting his own free time in doing so when he doesnt have to. Despite running his own business, he still finds time to organize free performances where he gives hours and hours of his own time for free so that families can rehearse together, he finds time for charitable events, and volunteers his own time for many many other things, too. He has helped bring military and cilvilian families together through dance and constantly strives to help others who are struggling and has enabled so many people to enjoy dance by giving out lots of package deals on lessons where you get freebies and cut price lessons. He is a unique individual, extremely talented and an amazing part of the community in tidworth, we are proud to have him here and hope he stays for a long time.

Why should Liam be recognised for a "Lived it" Award?

Liam should be recognised for many reasons but im saying because of the massive impact he has made on my life. He has done so much for me in such a short space of time, all of them wonderful. I was a very unhappy overweight woman who had given up on life, I didn’t go anywhere or do anything I was very isolated. The was the first time I met Liam was at a multisports day that I was practically dragged to, and I went because it was dance, something that I wanted to do as a little girl, I never realised then just the amazing journey that I was in for, and am still on. We did a hip hop dance and I had so much fun I ended up going to Liams beginners dance class on a Monday two weeks later. Liam has been nothing short of amazing towards me since, he has supported me and been so kind to me of his own volition. He has given me so much time and enabled me to lose five stone and nearly ten dress sizes since October 2013, made me feel so much better, he has given me a new lease of life. And the sad thing is that no one knows just what a wonderful kind person he really is, many many people just see Liam the teacher, the dancer, the businessman, they don’t see how giving and generous and caring he is, they see his business, but Im not nominating his business, im nominating Liam the individual for all his hard work, support selflessness and kindness. I want people to know just how much he gives to others, hes made so many others happy too and hes changed my life for the better. I feel like I am alive again and all these doors are opening for me and hes giving me the confidence to walk through them, I feel part of something special, I feel worth something again and its all because of Liam Abram. Surely hes worthy of being recognised.

Some evidence in support of this nomination

Liam was is in the local paper the Andover Advertiser for his charitable work with Tesco for dance with diabetes, and helped take part in the biggest cha cha slide at the same time.
Liam also last wednesday scooped two big local awards within our community in recognition of everything he does.

And in this weeks andover advertiser dated 25 april 2014, there are pisctures of Liam Abram 0n pages 4 and 5 of him accepting his awards at the tidworth community awards, he has finally been recognised within the community, taking not just one but two big awards, the following is an extract from the paper. The tidworth and district chamber of commerce cup, presented by chamber chairman David Wildman, went to Liam Abram, Showoff Dance. Mr Wildman said, Liam is an ambitious and driven young entrepeneur who has enjoyed tremendous success in Tidworth. Without putting too fine a point on it, he has changed peoples lives for the better by giving them a sense of purpose, self worth and belief that was formerly lacking, read the citation. He also took the top prize of overall winner of the community shield.