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We Are The Future

Nominee details

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Introducing Bruce

Bruce is inspirational, engaging, extremely hard-working and dedicated. Passionate about enterprise and what it has to offer to the youth of today, he’s committed to getting the message out there, to encouraging young people to create their own businesses and take their future into their own hands. He’s a social entrepreneur who definitely takes action! He founded We Are The Future in 2011 when he was just 17. Originally the organisation worked primarily with high school students, promoting enterprise and employment. In 2013, with the support of UnLtd, Bruce led the organisation into becoming a fully incorporated Social Enterprise.

Why should Bruce be recognised for a "Lived it" Award?

Bruce at SUS13Bruce has moved with speed and determination. He took over the running of The Scottish Start-Up Summit in 2013, turning it into the UK's largest start-up event for entrepreneurs. He’s now working on growing We Are The Future into a global entrepreneurial events company with the aim of making the world a more entrepreneurial place, particularly for young people. This summer sees him taking the Scottish Start Up Summit to San Francisco to inspire Scottish and American entrepreneurs over a week long period in one of the world’s most exciting entrepreneurship environments. Start-ups will have the opportunity to engage with the world's leading organisations as well as learning from Scottish and US entrepreneurs based in San Francisco. In addition to this, We Are The Future has created the Take Action Programme to empower organisations, individuals and communities to run their own entrepreneurship events around Scotland.
We are the Future has already won the backing of not just UnLtd but also the Scottish Government, the Royal Bank of Scotland and O2 Think Big amongst others.

Some evidence in support of this nomination

From: Russell Dalgleish - Exolta Capital Partners
I have known Bruce for almost two years. My relationship with him commenced when we met and he explained his plans for We Are The Future and his passion to encourage young people to consider entrepreneurship as an alternative role to that of an employee. Since this time I have been incredibly impressed by Bruce’s tenacity, determination and pure focus on driving We Are The Future to the stage today where major companies and Government organisations are meeting with him.
Bruce energized a team to put on a 500+ delegate all day conference in the heart of Edinburgh. Much of the costs of the event where secured by Bruce through sponsorship from private and public organisations. This event has secured positive feedback from across Scotland and was the largest single event that week as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

From: Lee Fitzpatrick - Market Prepare
Bruce is an extremely driven young entrepreneur who has a clear vision of what he wants to achieve and has shown he is able to deliver this through the incredibly successful Start-Up Summit which he organised. Any time I have been in contact with Bruce he has always progressed in the areas he set out to, achieving the targets he has set.