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Start Something Social: Off to a great start!

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This 11-14 programme is being run as a pilot scheme on behalf of the Cabinet Office. To ensure the highest possible quality and continual improvements, we have commissioned external evaluation to take place from the start to the finish of the pilot phase.

An initial evaluation looks at early stages amongst the very first cohort of schools and young people. Here is an extract:

From the data collected so far, it is clear that SSS is having a positive impact on the students and staff involved in the programme. Most commonly students talked about the impact SSS is having on improving skills and capabilities such as; confidence, teamwork, and resilience; one student said: “It’s really helped me with standing in front of people and talking. I could do it over and over again now”, and another added “I understand more about working with people, I’ve had to work in a group with people I didn’t know as well before”. Other students commented on their improved understanding of social enterprise, social entrepreneurs and how it feels to run a business. “It’s clearer to me now what you need to do to run your own business”, “I didn’t think you could do something so big” and “I feel nice…kind…like I’ve done something good and can help others” were some thoughts shared by students. When asked to reflect on how their own attitudes had changed since the start of SSS, students said, “I feel important”, “When I see someone on the street, I think now about what their story is, maybe they’ve been bullied or is it their first time out of the house in a while…I wouldn’t have done that before”. Teachers added that they have noticed more general improvements in attendance, behaviour, the sense of ownership students are applying to their work and the level of responsibility that they are keen to take on. “They’re much more aware now of organisations like UnLtd that are willing to invest in them…its real and that makes them want to see it through, they’re responding well to the responsibility I’ve given them. June 2014

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