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UnLtd services

We help young social entrepreneurs with great ideas to achieve their aims. Before we make awards, we help young people to turn their ideas into plans. If this leads to good, strong business plans and if they convince us that they have the vision, drive, commitment and passion, we support them. Click on the services below to find out more about each of them.

1: Money

An Award Winner receives an agreed sum of money at the start and, with amounts over £500, these will always be in instalments agreed in advance.

The sum is based on the needs of the social venture and the type of award. A spending plan will have been approved by UnLtd and the spending will be monitored. UnLtd needs to see evidence such as bank statements, invoices and receipts. If plans change, the Award Manager should be consulted to make any spending changes.

Top Tip: To receive payment, an Award Winner needs a bank account. Many Award Winners open new accounts for their ventures. This keeps their business finances separate from their own and their families’ personal finances. Managing money is an important part of the learning experience.

If it is not possible for the Award Winner to have their own bank account and if everyone agrees, the money can be paid into an adult’s bank account but UnLtd will need to see that person’s bank statements.

2. Personal support for the length of the venture

UnLtd provides a framework of support through Award Managers and at networking events for Award Winners. Online support is available via UnLtd’s website and social networks.

Award Winners are responsible for keeping in regular contact with Award Managers to report that things are going well or to seek help if things are in danger of going wrong.

No Award Winner is left to “sink or swim” but we stress that we rely on Award Winners to keep us informed of progress.

Top Tip: Advise the Award Winner to keep in regular contact with the Award Manager themselves; don’t do it for them. If adults take over, young people lose the sense of being leaders of their own ventures.

3. Opportunity to grow leadership skills

The social venture is a learning experience. Previous Award Winners reported that they developed in terms of leadership, time management, communication, planning, money management and more.

Top Tip: Leadership can be difficult. It might involve difficult decisions or even conflict. Help the Award Winners to reach their own solutions and resist the temptation to take over.

4. Hands-on model of learning by doing

One of the best ways of learning. Award Winners will experiment with new ideas and approaches, finding out for themselves what works and why.

Top Tip: Rather than asking, “How’s It Going?” and risking the answer, “It’s OK”, try to find out more by asking “What’s going well?” and “Is anything going not so well?”

5. Expertise and experience

UnLtd has specialist staff and contacts to help with every aspect of new social ventures. For example, Award Winners must arrange appropriate insurance, licences, permissions, health and safety checks etc. We will advise on what might be needed and can call upon
experts to help.

Previous Award Winners help new starters by offering advice based on their personal experiences.

Top Tip: Award Winners can give themselves unnecessary stress if they try to cope alone. We want them to be involved in our supportive network so encourage them to keep in touch, sharing their successes and their problems with people who can help. Speaking of which…

6. Access to events and training

It isn’t a life of formal meetings and written reports! At UnLtd events, Award Winners can getb together for big-name gigs, outdoor activities, residentials and other fun activities.

Top Tip: Encourage Award Winners to join in! We advertise our events on our website, on social media and by contacting individuals.

7. Wider networks and partnerships

Our own network of Award Winners exists to give mutual support and to encourage others. We want Award Winners to be active members of our nationwide community of young social entrepreneurs.

UnLtd works with national business organisations and on government-funded projects. Locally, we partner universities, colleges and schools. Award Winners can access our trusted partners to unlock the potential of their ventures.

The potential is unlimited.